Having peace of mind during hurricane season.

Hurricane season can be a hectic time for Florida homeowners. It seems like every year we are preparing for the worst one yet! We have been fortunate these past few years, but given our location there is always the possibility of the "big one".

Consider hurricane windows or shutters.

From metal shutters to impact rated glass, there are now several options to protect your home from flying objects. The important aspect of having this protection has to do with pressure. When one of the openings in your home is compromised, it creates pressure inside of the home that can cause the roof of the home to lift off. The good news is that many people already have hurricane windows or doors installed and only need a couple of items installed to have full protection. Not only with this help protect your home during a storm, but it will also lower your insurance premiums and increase the value of your home! If you have any questions regarding these discounts please email or call us with any questions.

Have your trees trimmed.

Any trees, whether they have branches over your dwelling or not, can pose a hazard to your home. A quick trim by a licensed professional can make the difference between a weekend of yard cleanup and a major claim

Know your evacuation zone.

When the large storm looms it is always your safest option to get out of town. As we saw with Hurricane Katrina, sometimes no matter how well you think you are prepared it can take a while before help arrives. Your evacuation zone can be found on you counties property appraiser website (lots of helpful information there as well). Also be aware that your evacuation zone is different from your FEMA flood zone.

Know your flood risk.

Many homeowners are unaware that their homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover in the event of a flood. This is important because in Florida your home can be blocks away from a flood zone and you may not know it. Preferred flood policies are a great value that all homeowners in Florida should consider. Policies can start under $150 per year. Additionally if you have the max amount of flood coverage available through FEMA there are options to purchase excess coverage if you please.

Call your agent to discuss your policy.

It’s never a bad time to give your agent a call and discuss your current policy. The insurance market is constantly evolving here in Florida and there may be new products or coverage available that suit your needs.

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