Tampa Bay Area Car Insurance – The Discounts You Could Be Missing Out On.

Right now, Trump Insurance has some new car insurance rates. It’s a simple, easy process to see if we can save you a lot of money. Let us make sure that you’re properly covered at the most accurate rate, and that you’re getting the discounts you deserve. We can get you a free quote, and at the very least get a fresh set of eyes on your policy. Give us a call! …

Save money without sacrificing coverage. You should be reviewing your auto insurance policy every couple of months to make sure you’re optimizing your savings. Each individual company that we offer at Trump Insurance has unique Discounts. Our agents can examine your situation, find Discounts that computers can’t, and advise you on the best company.

Here are Discounts that you could be missing on your auto insurance policy:

  • Early Quote/ Advanced Quote – Discount if the date you are quoted is at least 10 days before your effective date. ALWAYS call ahead of time, don’t procrastinate. This is an easy discount to get, but commonly missed.

  • Marriage – If you’re married, you’re likely to receive a discount

  • Home Ownership – Discount if you own your primary residence

  • Good Student – If a child listed on the policy carries a 3.0 or higher GPA in a recent term (varies by company)

  • Distant Student – If the family’s policy has a student going to school over 100 miles away without a car

  • Multi-Car – If you have multiple cars on the same policy

  • Multi-Policy – If you have multiple policies with the same company (such as auto, boat, ATV, motorcycle)

  • Accident/Violation Free – If you’ve had no accidents, violations, or tickets in the last 5 years

  • Good/ Responsible Payer – If you pay your car insurance premium in a timely manner

  • Paid In Full – Your total premium is discounted if you pay one lump sum at the beginning of the policy period

  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) – Your premium payment gets automatically withdrawn from your bank account each payment date

  • Continuous Insurance / No Lapse – If you have had no lapse of more than 30 days in your car insurance coverage

  • Anti-Lock – If your vehicle has anti-lock brakes

  • New Car – If the year your car was made is within the last 2 years (varies by company)

  • Passive Restraint – If your car has qualifying air bags and seat belts

Some of our companies offer exclusive discount programs. Here are just a few unique programs:

  • Progressive - Snapshot

It’s an electronic device that you plug into your car’s diagnostic port that measures the level of caution you use while operating the vehicle. If you feel like you’re a safe driver, but you’re paying too much for auto insurance, this could be the best option for you. Snapshot personalizes your insurance rate. Progressive has given discounts for Snapshot as high as 30% before.

  • Travelers – Quantum Auto 2.0

Clients get 4th an 5th year minor incident waivers for drivers who’ve been incident free for the last 3 years. Incident leniency, for drivers who have their first qualifying incident. Youthful driver leniency, for tenured family customers, who wish to add a young driver to their policy.

  • Safeco – Low mileage Discount

If you drive your car less than 8,000 miles a year, and are 25 or older, you are eligible for the discount. Safeco offers up to a 20% discount for this. The less you drive, the less you pay.

Navigating Tampa Bay’s auto insurance market can be difficult. Contact us and we can help you find the best company to fit your needs.

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